Mini Egg Pies with creamy custard filling and a super buttery crust are the ultimate snack or dessert. In a portable mini size, they are fun to make as they are to eat and make a great party or on-the-go sweet treat.

Before there was Kawaling Pinoy, my long-time dream was to have my own restaurant or catering services. Many times over the years I thought of quitting my full-time job and taking the risky plunge many times in the past, but the prospect of jumping into the water with both feet was daunting especially with a dependent child still in college.

All I could do was take small steps and see where they brought me. I contacted a few restaurants and Asian supermarkets in our area to offer my mini egg pies, leche flan, and cassava cake on a consignment basis and had a friend design a packaging label on Photoshop for my products.

I’d come home from work late in the afternoon, bake my goodies till dawn and deliver them the next day before I went to work again. It was an exhausting one-person show but an exciting endeavor.

If you happened to be at a certain Asian supermarket in Carson, California mid-October of 2010 and saw a suspicious-looking woman taking pictures of their refrigerator, that would have been me. As you see from the photo below, only one left out of the 40 packs I brought in. It was so surreal to see something I baked actually on the shelves for sale!

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